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Our Mission


Our Mission SkyNet Worldwide Express

Our mission is to be dedicated at all times to our internal and external customers. SkyNet Worldwide Express will always develop innovative solutions to ensure a quality service that meets our customers’ requirements.

SkyNet Worldwide Express will focus on developing new technology to add value to our customers' business by improving communication techniques. The quality of our service throughout the world will strengthen our brand, foster good working relationships within our network and achieve profitability.

The SkyNet Worldwide Express Network is a unique international courier cooperative. It is composed of independently owned and locally operated courier companies operating as SkyNet licensees. Together they comprise the largest independently owned and operated courier network in the world, providing reliable desk to desk service to over 200 countries. Regional hubs serve as administration centers and ensure that standards of quality and performance are rigidly maintained by network members in the various regions.

Our Mission is to C R E A T E new opportunity links through:

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Reliable and effective communication.
  • Efficient and high quality service.
  • Assurance of dedicated and personalized service.
  • Team sprit to make SkyNet a high achieving network.
  • Establishing long term relation with clients.

Our Vision SkyNet Worldwide Express

The business world values are changing and innovations are continuous, resulting in more intense and varied competition. SkyNet Worldwide Express will focus on providing highly efficient, customized time and cost beneficial solutions to all customers.

SkyNet Worldwide Express people will always ensure maximum flexibility, exceeding changing customers' needs by providing innovative solutions and value adding distribution services. The commitment of our people will lead and support the values of SkyNet Worldwide Express.

SkyNet will always go the extra mile to fulfill its mission .