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SkyBOX SkyNet Worldwide Express

SkyBOX is an affiliate of SkyNet USA. Created in 1991, SkyBOX is a pioneer company that allows clients to shop online in the USA and Europe by assigning a “Suite” address in Miami and London, and then shipping the client’s packages to their home or office in their current country of residence.

Mostly web-based, SkyBOX is an e-shopping solution for clients around the world. We offer the advantage of offering international shipping that some of the online stores does not offer and many tools to facilitate their shopping experience.

What does this service consist of?
SkyBOX is a cross-border shopping facilitator, where Latin American, European and Asian clients pay a membership fee to have a suite number with a physical address in Miami for their internet or catalog purchases from anywhere in the world. This means that all the products bought by clients can be delivered by SkyBOX directly to their homes or offices, in any country.

Why SkyBOX?
There is no SkyBOX competitor offering the facilities, size, or wide, complete range of services that SkyBOX does.

Only SkyBOX can offer:

  • All deliveries are 100% GUARANTEED.
  • Presence in over 52 countries.
  • Over 2 million packages delivered since 1991.

What are the advantages of choosing SkyBOX addresses as compared to direct shipment to the Buyer’s personal address?

  • U.S. stores do not usually accept international orders. Even if they do, it is more expensive and they do not handle customs procedures and duties.
  • SkyBOX takes care of all customs procedures.
  • SkyBOX makes shopping easier by delivering the shipment to clients’ home or office doors.
  • Clients can track their shipments through every step of the delivery process, by means of our exclusive Video Tracking System.
  • Online Chat in 3 languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese) to clear up any doubts and/or guide Clients through the purchasing process.
  • Shipping charges from the United States to final destination are an average 20% cheaper than international couriers.